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How It Works

If you have booked to pick up your kit from a testing site you can pick up your kit from the day you have booked and drop off there after taking the sample. We send all our samples to our laboratory from the testing sites by courier, please be aware of the drop off times to make the courier delivery for that day.

If you have booked a mail test kit, we will send your kit by a next day delivery courier service so that they arrive for you

  • next day if booked fit to fly
  • on day 1 or 2 if you have booked a day 2 or day 2/8 package
  • by day 4/5 if you have booked a test to release package

You will have email tracking notification of your package.

The day you arrive into the UK is considered as day 0. Therefore if you arrive on Monday (day 0) then Tuesday is day 1 and Wednesday is day 2.

At this point, before you have taken your sample your account will show as ‘pending kit activation’ – there is nothing more you need to do at this stage other than wait for your package to come back to on your arrival in the UK.

You need to undertake your samples;

  • on or before day 2 for the day 2 test
  • day 8 or after for the day 8 test
  • day 5 for the test to release.

When you receive your kit, check the contents of your kit.

In the kit, there will be:

  • an instructions leaflet / customer form
  • a swab for taking the sample for your tonsils and nose
  • a vial/tube (with a unique barcode) to put the swab into once sampled
  • a plastic carry case container
  • a return envelope with pre paid Royal Mail Tracked 24 postage

You will need to follow the enclosed instructions on how to take your sample.

To register your kit online, enter the unique barcode on the side of the vial on your account, enter your Royal Mail tracking number and the date you have done the test.

The barcode is in the form PHC followed by 7 digits or FJA followed by 8 digits. You need to include PHC/FJA  in the barcode. An example of a valid barcode is PHC1234567

It is best to do this on a desktop or laptop and not on a mobile device to avoid any issues.

The test date refers to the date you take your test, this should be filled in when activating your kit.

The status will change as you activate your barcode and again when your results are made available.

There will be separate kits for each test you have booked.

You will need to return the kit by packaging your tube sample in the carry case container and then into the return envelope, with pre paid Royal Mail Tracked 24 envelope.

You will need to return your sample through a Royal Mail ‘priority’ postal box – please visit and click on Services Near You and put in the postcode to find the priority postboxes in your area. If your sample is being collected on a Saturday or Sunday, click on filter and select the Saturday/Sunday option to find the priority post boxes to drop your sample to (for bank holidays, the Sunday collection times apply).

You will receive your results within 48 hours if there are no postal delays. Please note Royal Mail Tracked 24 typically takes one day to arrive but it can take longer particularly over the weekend/bank holidays. Our laboratory then process the result typically in upto 24 hours, sometimes the result can take longer particularly if the sample is inconclusive and has to be re-run, or the result has to be verified.