Collect From Testing Hub Fit-To-Fly Antigen Test Results within 15-30 Minutes Doctor signed certificate included Mail order Take the test with you where

Why should I buy an a Fit-To-Fly Antigen Test?

Undertake the antigen test from the comfort of your own home or abroad with our easy to follow instructions and customer service team on hand. 

The antigen kits are similar to the lateral flow devices that are widely being used and many are familiar with.



Upload a picture of the test kit after sampling along with ID and our clinical team will verify the results and issue a doctor signed fit to fly certificate within 12 hours

The antigen COVID test is currently being used to enter the UK. You can therefore take the kits anywhere with you on your travels abroad and undertake the test before returning to the UK

Pick up the antigen test from one of our testing sites or get next day delivery as a mail kit option (with tracking notification). 


Our antigen kits are CE marked and approved by the UK (MHRA, DHSC)  with 98.8% sensitivity, 97.1% specificity and approved for customer self testing independently. Detects new variants including Indian variant.

Step 1

Kits sent out on the day of your arrival by next day delivery to arrive on your day 1 with tracking notification or pick up kit from testing site. 

Step 2

Take a picture of the test kit along with your ID and upload it to your account on our website. 

Step 3

Our clinical team will verify the results and issue a doctor signed fit to fly certificate within 12 hours.


Mail Order

Kits sent by next day delivery to reach you on day after arrival.

Free enclosed return Royal Mail Track 24 postage usually takes one working day to reach the lab – please see the How It Works page for guidance and tips on which postal boxes to use to reduce postal times.

Testing Sites

Twilight Pharmacy,
309 Bolton Road,
B10 0AU


Monday to Saturday 8AM-11PM
Sunday 10AM-8PM
Closed on bank holidays

Cut off time 6pm Monday to Sunday for samples to be sent to lab on that day

Desbox Unit G15
E Richardson St
High Wycombe
HP11 2GG


Monday to Friday 10AM-4PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM-11.30AM

Cut off time 4pm Monday to Friday and 11.30am Saturday and Sunday for samples to be sent to lab on that day

Touchwood Pharmacy
240 Streatham High Road
SW16 1BB


Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm
Closed on bank holidays

Cut off time 4pm Monday to Friday and 11am Saturday for samples to be sent to lab on that day

Midlands Pharmacy
Office 4 Courtyard Business Centre
Southwold Drive


Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
Closed on bank holidays

Cut off time 4pm Monday to Friday for samples to be sent to lab on that day

Moss Bridge House
Moss Bridge Road
Rochdale, Lancashire
OL16 5EA


Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday Closed
Closed on bank holidays

Cut off time 4pm for samples to be sent to lab on that day


*Please ensure you check the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to, as the guidance is constantly changing.

**This depends on the time interval required by your airline / destination country.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to take a Covid-19 test before I travel? + -

Yes. You need a negative Covid-19 test result taken 3 days before you depart to England. For example if your journey departs on Saturday you can take the test on the Wednesday prior see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-testing-for-people-travelling-to-england

Can I use an NHS Covid-19 test? + -

No, NHS Covid-19 tests are not accepted. You will need to book from a private provider.

When will I get my test kit? + -

If you order by 2pm you will receive your antigen kit the next day 7 days a week. Alternatively if you would like to collect a kit in person you can from one of our sites, opening hours and locations are available at https://101testing.co.uk/day-2-test.

How accurate is my test? + -

Our nasal swab antigen test kit is UK government approved and works within 15minutes. It has 98.8% accurate (≥97% specificity, ≥96% sensitivity)

What if my test result comes back inconclusive? + -

If your test comes back inconclusive, we cannot issue a fit to fly certificate. Please contact our sales team for further advice/ a discounted kit.

How do I get to my quarantine location? + -

You may use whatever mode of transportation necessary to travel to your quarantine location. Only use public transport if absolutely necessary. Do NOT travel by public transport if you have any symptoms at all.

How should I prepare for my trip to UK? + -

Within 3 days of your travel date to England, take a Covid-19 test with a negative result (please see government. You will need to request and buy a day 2 or day 2/8 Test Package before boarding for England.


A passenger locator form must be completed with your quarantine address and your Passenger Locator Form number which we provide on booking.

If I wish to travel from a red list country, what should I do? + -

There is a ban on travel from red list countries to the UK. If you’re travelling from, or have passed through a red list country in the 10 days prior to arrival in England, you must adhere to the UK government’s guidelines.

When is my quarantine over? + -

If you are travelling from a ‘green’ listed country, you do not need to quarantine. If you test positive on the day 2 test you would need to quarantine for a further 10 days from the date of the test.

If you are travelling from an ‘amber’ listed country and you have returned two negative tests for day 2 and 8 you must quarantine for the full 10 days unless you have taken the Test to Release test which can be taken on day 5 after your arrival.

Please note if your day 8 test is negative, you must still quarantine for the full 10 days.

If your day 2 is positive you must quarantine from 10 days after your day 2 result. If you are in quarantine with people you have travelled with, they will also need to quarantine for 10 further days. If you receive a positive result for your day 2 test, you will not be required to take any further tests.


However, people you are staying with will need to take a day 8 test test if they have received a negative result from their day 2 test and have not developed symptoms.

If your day 8 test is not taken you must quarantine for 14 days.

If your day 8 test is positive you must quarantine for a further 10 days from your day 8 test date.

If your day 8 test is inconclusive, you will need to do a further test and quarantine until a negative test result or 14 days.

Is the Travel Test (day 2 and day 8) Package different to the Test to Release scheme? + -

Yes! We know guidelines and legislation are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. The Test to Release scheme involves a PCR test taken on day 5 after your arrival with the purpose of releasing you early from your quarantine. The Test to Release scheme is optional whereas the Travel Test Package is mandatory. More information on the Test to Release scheme can be found on our relevant page regarding it.


Please note  even if you test negative through the Test to Release scheme and finish your quarantine early, you still need to take your day 8 test.

If I test positive on either test, what happens? + -

If either test—day 2 or 8—are positive, you must quarantine for an additional 10 days. More info will be provided with your test results. The purpose of the day 2 and 8 tests is to detect any travellers with a variant of coronavirus.  A positive test result is therefore further analysed at our laboratory with genome sequencing to look for this – there will be no additional cost if this needs to be done. 

Some tests may show that a person has a “variant” of the coronavirus. This will result in contact tracing and Public Health England involvement.

There is more information regarding this available on the government website.

When will I get my test results? + -

If you are using the postal kit option, we send the kits out to reach you by day 2 latest. It usually takes one day for the samples to reach us in the lab and then upto 24 hours for our laboratory to process the result.


Let’s make that easier for you with a worked example;


 Arrival to UK June 1st - this is considered day 0.

June 2nd to 3rd - kit arrives (day 1-2)

June 3rd (day 2) - undertake day 2 sample and return to us.

June 4th (day 3) - kit reaches lab, may get test result same day

June 5th (day 4) - day 2 result expected

June 9th (day 8) - undertake day 8 sample and return to us

June 10th (day 9) - kit reaches lab, may get test result same day

June 11th (day 10) -  result expected

What happens if I prolong my stay beyond 8 days, after only having booked a Day 2 Test package? + -

You can book a separate Day 8 only Travel Test package here (link to day 8 booking)

I am staying in the UK for less than 8 days, do I still need to book a Day 2 & 8 Test? + -

No, you can just book the Day 2 only travel test package here.

What happens if I do not register my test? + -

If you do not register your test, it will come back to our lab but we won’t be able to know that it is yours and you will not get your results.

You will need to pay for a replacement test - please get in touch with our team and we can organise this for you.

Where can I find my reference number for my Passenger Locator Form? + -

Your reference number will be located in your confirmation email.


It can also be found in the ‘My account’ section of the website after you have clicked on your specific order. It starts with PHCTE and is followed by 7 digits.

How can I perform the test myself? + -

Do not worry, all of our home tests come with very clear instructions. You can always contact our customer service team on orders@101testing.co.uk or on phone if you need any help. Please also check the ‘What Happens Next’ page of the website. Please make sure that you read them carefully and that you complete the check list at the end of your Instruction sheet.

How will I know when my results are ready? + -

You will receive email notification when your results are ready, you will then need to login to your account to check your results and download your certificate.

Get in touch

For all enquiries please use the contact form to get to the right department. Our inboxes are monitored regularly.

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