Day 2/8 Test & Day 5 Test To Release


  • Book your Day 2, Day 5 (Test to Release) and Day 8 test kits all-in-one-go.
  • Day 2 and Day 8 – Book for arrivals from ‘Amber’ countries
  • Day 5 – Release yourself early from the ten day quarantine period with a COVID PCR test from day 5 of your return to the UK.
  • Travellers arriving from an ‘amber’ listed country must have day 2 and day 8 COVID PCR tests whereas travellers arriving from a ‘green’ listed country (or those staying less than 8 days) only need a day 2 test.
  • The tests must be booked prior to boarding your return flight/vessel into the UK.
  • Upon booking you will be given a unique booking reference number for each traveller, which must be entered into your passenger locator form.
  • You can take your day 2 sample on or before day 2 and day 8 sample on or after day 8
  • Please be informed, your date of arrival counts as day 0, thus if you arrive in the UK on a Monday (this would be day 0), your day 2 would be Wednesday, Day 5 would be Saturday and Day 8 would be the following Tuesday.
  • If you have NOT transited through any countries on the Travel Ban Red list, you may participate in the Day 5 Test To Release scheme, by taking this test, you will be able to reduce your self-isolation period provided you test negative.
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